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June 24-27, 2024 | Eden Roc · Miami Beach
News & Resources
News & Resources
2024 Overview
The nuclear industry is faced with great opportunity, galvanized by the need for ambitious innovation as we work toward a global clean energy future. The Global Forum for Nuclear Innovation (GFNI 2024) will bring together change makers and cross-pollinators from across the world to help turn ‘Ambition into Action.’
2024 Highlights Video

More than 150 participants representing 20 countries and a wide range of organizational roles gathered in Miami Beach, Florida. The focus was turning “Ambition into Action” and providing a toolkit to facilitate innovation and operational change.

IAEA Technical Meeting on Innovation at Operating Nuclear Power Plants
This event will run concurrent to the Global Forum for Nuclear Innovation, allowing participants to fully engage with all planned activities and discussions. The participants will share experiences and explore opportunities to accelerate innovation to improve the competitiveness of their facilities and ensure the ongoing role of nuclear power plants in a transition to sustainable, clean energy systems of the future. Registration through this site is required in addition to forms to be submitted through IAEA.
Podcast series: Ambition into Action

This six-episode podcast series explores shared insights from nuclear and other industries focused on tackling common challenges including workforce development, balancing safety culture with agile transformation, and operational efficiency. The series finale will be recorded live at the Global Forum for Nuclear Innovation in June.


No Talent, No Sector

Nuclear Beyond Electricity

Operating a Lean Machine

Safe Doesn’t Have to be Slow

Innovation Personified: EPRI Journal feature

Five early- to mid-career nuclear professionals share their perspective on innovation’s important role in the industry’s future.

The Global Forum for Nuclear Innovation brings Innovators Together to Accelerate Ambition into Action

How do you create a future that you can’t wait to arrive and to live in? Put a little differently, how do we minimize or avoid the negative effects of climate change while working towards a society improved and enhanced by technology? This is among the most significant questions that many wrestle with and one humanity is constantly trying to address. Common wisdom dictates to “begin with the end in mind,” which works well for small-scale innovations over short time horizons (1-5 years), but how do we plan for technologies that haven’t been developed or deployed yet, much less those that haven’t even been imagined? As such, when we peer further and further into the future, the outlook becomes cloudier with countless branching possibilities. One thing we do know about the future is that we need large quantities of clean energy as soon as possible to both support the growing global demand for energy and fight the negative effects of climate change.

Grand Challenges

At the 2022 GFNI event in London, participants identified four Grand Challenges in areas requiring the industry’s commitment to investing in and implementing innovative approaches:

  • Operating a Lean Machine
  • Beyond Electricity
  • No Talent, No Sector
  • Safe Doesn’t Have To Be Slow

One significant focus of GFNI 2024 will be reviewing progress made in addressing these challenges.


In December 2023, early career nuclear professionals participated in a GFNI-inspired workshop as part of the COP28 Net Zero Nuclear Summit hosted by Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC). The interactive workshop incorporated activities developed for GFNI 2022, encouraging bold thinking to impact innovative change in the industry.

2022 Insights Document

An overview of GFNI 2022, with a focus on the outcomes, details of the behaviors explored, and tools participants used to understand and address challenges.

2022 Highlights Video
GFNI continued in 2022 with a hands-on focus on active collaboration to drive change in the industry.
2019 Insights Document

Key takeaways and big ideas explored during the first Global Forum for Nuclear Innovation in Gyeongju, South Korea.

2019 Highlights Video
The first-of-its-kind event was launched in 2019 to develop an action plan for accelerating deployment of technical and process solutions in the nuclear industry.
GFNI Video Playlist
This video collection highlights research projects focused on the Top 4 Innovations identified at GFNI 2019 and other GFNI-related activities.